Paolo Russo graduated in Clinical Psychology and Community at the University of Padua and then specialized in Integrated Psychotherapy at the School of Integrated Dynamic Psychotherapy in Padua. Subsequently he followed a Psychoanalytic Training at the Padua Academy of Education. She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical and Forensic Psychodiagnostic at the Italian Institute of Psychoanalysis Group (IIPG) in Milan, Master in Communication and Non-Verbal Languages: Psychomotricity, Music Therapy and Performance at the University of Ca Foscari in Venice and the Master in Hypnosis organized by the Italian School of Hypnosis in Rome.

Over the years he has collaborated with the Mental Health Centers of Cittadella, Dolo and Vicenza and with the Day Hopital and the Psychiatric Psychiatric Service of Vicenza. He participated in a project of the Province of Padua, of scholastic integration, in favor of minors. He has been a lecturer in ethics and psychology of communication and marketing at various training institutes. Member of the Italian Society of Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology and Head of the Psychosomatic Care Center of Padua.

"The Trilogy" It is a work of psychology in three volumes that praises the feelings of poets who have been able to open a window to the processes of the human mind. A psychology that starts from oneself where the truth of the theory replaces a felt meaning, a subjective truth expressed by one's own sensibility. The human mind can only be accessed starting from a process of self-awareness.